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Independence Brokerage Services is a Community Interest Company that is a registered TrustMark Scheme operator. That means we can provide a full listing service for suppliers and tradespeople to the TrustMark website. We are independent and as a not for profit company it has allowed us to maintain one of the cheapest unaffiliated listing fees within TrustMark.

We have built an online application to try and simplify your sign up and qualification process. There are a number of key parts to the process that establish your qualification for listing and these are:

  1. Complete the online application process and payment of relevant fees.
  2. Included in the application process is providing us with two sites for inspection that are relevant to the trade / category you are listing under and three references that we will independently contact and take up.
  3. If you are looking to list against multiple categories, e.g. plumber & handyman you need to provide inspection sites that cover these trades. If we need to inspect multiple sites a fee of £80 is payable for all extras sites visited.,
  4. Agree to the relevant policies and codes of practice and conduct including the TrustMark sub-licence.
  5. Provide copies either electronically or via post of all required insurances and professional qualifications.
  6. Where you intend to operate within certain vulnerable sectors e.g. older, healthcare, children or disabled, provide copies of your DBS (CRB) checks.

Our current fees are as follows:

  1. All inclusive single payment - 1st year £274, 2nd & 3rd year £145
  2. Monthly payment via standing order - £30 initial fee and £30 per month for remaining 11 months
  3. A full payment or standing order set up are required for listing.
  4. If more than a single inspection is required due to multiple listings £80 per further inspection.


Empowering people to make changes to theirs home and communities.


Exertus is a web based software solution that provides a dedicated access to enable you to manage your supply chain. It also provides you with an environment to collaborate with your supply chain partners in a safe, secure auditable on-line environment.

Exertus gives you access to:

  • Monitor and review your suppliers details
  • use automation to save time and resources
  • e-tendering (QESTRA)
  • e-purchasing
  • Construction Phase Plan, CDM15
  • Workflow
  • Inspection reports
  • Customer feedback & monitoring
  • Collaboration in one environment